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Saatchi artist Victoria Horkan has exhibited her work in prestigious galleries all over London and overseas. In her latest collection her work addresses evolution and explores the idea of how butterflies and nature may transform and adapt to climate changes in the future.  She cuts fragmented pieces of photography to distort the shape of the butterfly, however by presenting them together in a formation she’s also supporting a notion of togetherness. By grouping the butterflies in circular motion, she breathes life and eternity by portraying a message of positivity within her pieces.

Establishing her artistic career by expressing her ability to manoeuvre paint in a sculptural way, her work takes on an almost 3D presence that is profound, unique and immediately uplifting. The question on everyone’s lips is how does she do it? Beckoning the viewer to look closer the artist flirts with the idea of reality versus the futuristic and challenges natures natural inherent beauty as we know it.

‘By cutting the butterflies I am trying to convey the metamorphosis aspect of the butterflies in the way they currently evolve and change. I’m an artist, why not create the impossible?’

There's also a nod to Attenborough within Horkan’s paintings, and his extensive work captured on film the extraordinary world we don't always have the privilege of seeing first hand. Horkan wanted to emulate that through her natural ability to create movement within her paintings. 

'In the natural world animals with the strongest gene pool adapt and evolve.  I foster an evolutionarily process in developing my artwork, stronger pieces are developed from one aspect, or organism to another. One piece comes out of something very small, I am still evolving'.

Victoria Horkan

Victoria Horkan creates powerful, emotive paintings on large canvases with immense textures and colours brought to the fore.

Her love for colour and encapsulating the essence of her subject matter transcends over the surface of the canvas with vigour, movement and buoyant expression.

Victoria has developed a style transforming the canvas into an almost 3D like effect through her clever use of paint. The true encapsulating beauty of her work can only be appreciated when you see these timeless, detailed deeply emotional pieces in reality.

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