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Working with art enthusiasts all over the world Horkan's work adorns the walls of The Mandarin Hotel, in Saudi Arabia, The Burgoyne Hotel in the UK, and some of London's most accomplished galleries. Known for her unique take on nature, her impasto style, and vibrant approach to painting her work is immediately recognizable and highly sought after. Many bespoke commissions have also been created for private art collectors and individuals wishing to have something specially created by the artist. If you require a certain size for instance the artist can create a piece tailored to your requirements. 

Commissioning Art

Our commissioning process is as personalized as our clientele, designed to cater specifically to the distinct needs and objectives of each project. Demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and a steadfast dedication to excellence, the artist has dedicated over 15 years to crafting custom pieces for her clients. Her goal is straightforward: to produce artworks that consistently surpass client expectations. Understanding that the process of commissioning art can sometimes seem intimidating, Horkan acknowledges these feelings, which contributes to her appeal and popularity among clients. She possesses a natural rapport and will guide you through the commissioning journey, guaranteeing a smooth delivery of your artwork.

Not sure if commissioning art is for you? Please send the artist an enquiry and she will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have?  Your in good hands...

Featured Projects:

  • Battersea, London
  • The artist worked with interior designers to develop paintings for this impressive space in Battersea.
  • Corporate Client, Florida
    This work was based on one of the artist's earlier works, ‘If I Could Hum’, which brought Horkan’s work to the attention of well-known galleries such as
  • Private Commission Paintings for Carolyn Parker Interior Design