Victoria Horkan


Explore the vibrant world of Victoria Horkan, a renowned contemporary artist.

Discover a curated collection of original paintings that fuse dynamic textures, vivid colors, and fluid forms, reflecting the essence of nature and emotion. Dive into Victoria's portfolio, featuring her latest exhibitions, and immerse yourself in her unique blend of abstract and figurative art. Whether you're an art collector, enthusiast, or seeking inspiration, Victoria Horkan's work captivates and transcends the ordinary.

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Victoria Horkan Prints
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 Our highly accomplished and collectible art pieces are a testament to our commitment to showcasing the best in modern and contemporary art. Each artwork tells a unique story, crafted by the talented hands of Victoria Horkan. When you choose us, you can be confident that you are adding a truly exceptional piece to your art collection.

 Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints are numbered and signed by the artist on the front and reverse. Each comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, wrapped in tissue paper, and carefully packaged and delivered by  DPD. Full tracking details sent once your order has been placed.

Please allow 7 - 9 days for delivery.
Each Print is MADE TO ORDER.

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Need a bigger size, or a bespoke requirement? We have the option of commissioning a piece with you in mind. The artist will talk to you about your ideas and help guide you through the commission process. Not sure where to start, click the link below for further information.