Client Projects

PROJECT 1: The client worked with architects and designers to complete a new office renovation in Tampa Florida. After working on a private commission for the client, Victoria was then consulted to complete a series of further commissions for the clients space.


The painting was over three metres wide and took over two months to complete. Layers of oil paint are built to create different subtle changes in hues, which also add depth and tremendous colour variation to the piece.


This particular painting was based one of the artist earlier works ‘If I Could Hum’,  which brought Horkan’s work to the attention of well known galleries such as

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The artist worked with interior designers to develop paintings for this impressive space in Battersea.


Textured abstract paintings were created and hung together in unison as a triptych piece. Energy and flow of colour is apparent throughout.


These pieces are admired by a wide audience of visitors and take pride of place in the reception areas and board rooms of the clients building in London.

PROJECT 3: Commissioned to complete a series of paintings which would work both independently and as a collection. The paintings were required for the clients Apartment in Cancun. Each painting was created with considered detailing, whilst also combining the artists ability to create a great sense of movement and expression within her work.


Her palette knife technique and ability to manoeuvre paint is apparent throughout these paintings. Including mixed media, photography and oil paints the artworks were framed up beautifully by the client once delivered to Mexico.


Colour is brought to the fore here in these three individual commission paintings for a client in America.


Victoria created pieces that are unique statement pieces but also work in unison on the same wall. These paintings are all 1 metre square, although look smaller in the clients open plan space.


Each painting focuses on the fluidity of a birds movement, capturing the essence of the animal rather than any literal reference. These key abstract pieces give immediate colour and impact.

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