Commissioning an artist to create a personalised painting is a unique and exciting experience. So how does it work? You may find other artists will work in different ways,  Victoria likes to work closely with the client so they fully understand the process from beginning to end. Speaking  to the artist direct to commission a painting the experience is also far more personal . Firstly the artist will ask which paintings you had an immediate connection with. Which pieces you were drawn to, whether the colours were right in a particular piece, or it was simply an emotional reaction that drew you to a particular work. If it’s one piece of work that stood out, then the artist can use that as a basis for your commission painting.

Victoria will write a brief, which is helpful to both client and artist so both parties understand the direction the piece will take. The brief will include, size of the canvas details the paintings the client were drawn to, colours, timescale of completion and of course the quotation for the work. The client does not pay any more should the painting take longer than anticipated, but we do ask for your patience should this occur. Sometimes the drying time of oil paint may also impact slightly on timescales.


Kaleidoscope - Oils on canvas 100 x 100cm

If the client is happy with the brief, we politely request a 30% deposit. This deposit is to help cover initial material costs for the work before they start.

The beauty about commissioning is you can have as much input into the process as you feel necessary, the artist does not take over the process only seeks to take the painting in the right direction. With that it is of course  important to allow the artist creative freedom with the work, to get the best out of the artist and her practice.  Its helpful if you have already seen Victoria’s work in galleries etc and you are aware of  the high calibre organisations that represent her, this we hope will help you to make your decision as to whether you are comfortable with the path of commissioning a painting.

Victoria is more than happy to discuss any questions you may have when making a decision about commissioning. If you have never done it before, it can be a daunting experience and it’s very understandable to have some concerns. Please do feel free to chat with the artist by email or phone at any time.

The artist shares detailed photographs and videos of the painting as it progresses, ensuring the cleint has input throughout. Once the painting is complete the client may request any ammendments for the artist to make. The final photographs are sent for approval and the final invoice is then issued to the client.

The paintings are packaged in wooden crates and can be shipped worldwide. We can also use private couriers to deliver your commission, this service is available to UK customers only.

Fragmented, Mixed media 170 x 70cm